Truth in Photography....


Staging, Manipulation
and Truth in Photography

By The New York Times Oct. 16, 2015 Oct. 16, 2015

This article is definitely worth a read for photographers, photojournalists, readers, viewers, and all students.  We are all manipulated by media every day in some form.  Learning how to dissect the manipulation is important.  Today, where citizen journalism is increasing globally, and relied on in immediate news events, professionals face even more competition for publication, opportunities, and pay.  I am glad the World Press changed their rules for next year's events. The majority of major news publications are credible and are transparent when photographers have made the mistake of manipulating an image.   I do find with the University students I teach, the majority would rather manipulate in photoshop then go out and retake/reshoot for a better image.  Photoshop won't make you a better photographer.  

Truth is hard to define in photography because it is always subjective.  I feel that if there is sentiment in a photograph, there is truth.